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Early Intervention

Early Intervention services, including Speech Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Occupational Therapy, are a very specialized area.

They require knowledge of not only the delays and disorders (e.g. Childhood Apraxia of Speech, Autism, Selective Mutism, Language Delay, etc.) but also the unique paradigm of caregiver education.


Education based English speech therapy services in Japan can be rather difficult to obtain.

Often, international schools do not have the services available for English speaking students due to lack of available English speaking Speech Therapists in Japan.  We can flexibly work with your child's school and teachers.


While Japan has excellent Japanese Speech Therapists, with an emergent medical situation an English speaking Speech Therapist is essential for immediate communication.

Whether for acute or long term care, speech therapy in Japan does not have to be a hardship.  We can provide you with the most advanced speech therapy services.

Accent Modification

Even when grammar and vocabulary have reached the highest levels, non-native English speakers often find they have difficulty being understood due to their accent.

With specialized training in accent modification, we use evidence based methods of modifying your accent for increased intelligibility.


Seth Koster


Seth Koster, M.S. CCC-SLP - English speaking speech therapist in Tokyo

Lead Speech-Language Pathologist

Seth Koster is a Speech-Language Pathologist and sought after international speaker.

He has lectured at universities and hospitals in the United States and Asia on topics including technology in speech language pathology and cultural and linguistic diversity.

One of his areas of specialty is Assistive Technology that responds to needs in the speech and language impaired population.

Some of the applications he has developed include Toddler Talk AAC, the Stuttering Analysis Tool, and the Diadochokinetics Assessment App.

He has worked in early intervention, educational, and medical settings, both as a clinician as well as a Program Director.

He currently runs a private practice, serving clients throughout the world by leveraging the power of technology and the internet.

American Speech Language Hearing Association Certified Member badge.

When working with Global Allied Health you also get the benefit of an extensive network of Allied Health professionals across multiple continents.

Active memberships in professional organizations and communities give us the opportunity to engage in informal consultations with other recognized experts, thereby providing you with the leading edge, gold standard of care which you and your family deserve.   This service is provided at no additional cost to our clients, and is just a small part of our continually ongoing professional development and continuing educational activities.

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