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Accent Modification

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Are you nervous about using your English in front of other people?  Concerned that they might not understand what you say?   Are your 'R' and 'L' hard to distinguish from each other?

After years of English lessons, speaking practice, listening practice, reading, and writing, many English Language learners find that the problem isn't the words, it's the sounds.   English has a wide range of speech sounds, also called phonemes, and achievement of verbal fluency requires specialized work on pronouncing those phonemes.   Whether you want to use English to make foreign friends, get ahead in business, or confidently visit English speaking countries, it is well known that confidently and successfully using English depends on pronunciation.   When interacting in a foreign language it is easy to become embarrassed and shy due to concerns over pronunciation.   We can work together to determine specifically which phonemes are most impacting the comprehension of your verbal communication.   Often a few phonemes are making the most impact and some focused work on those specific phonemes can make a significant difference in your overall intelligibility.   Using standardized testing we can evaluate your phonetic inventory and develop a comprehensive plan of treatment individualized to your needs.

As a foreign language learner himself, Seth Koster, the lead Speech Language Pathologist at Global Allied Health, is focused on the latest and most well researched methods of foreign language acquisition and accent modification.   We maintain membership in, and actively engage with, organizations related to accent modification.

The best treatment takes into account your personal goals. Different situations have different needs, and we can tailor our work to focus on business, social, or travel, or a mix of all three. Once we have stabilized your skills, so they are used consistently correctly, we will move towards generalization and use those skills in natural environments which mimic your preferred situations.   Being able to use correct pronunciation during therapy sessions is only half the battle, ensuring that your pronunciation is maintained during your activities of daily living is just as important.

With focused work on your specific needs we can increase your verbal English ability!

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