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Is your school-aged child having difficulty with speech, language, or problem solving skills?  Having difficulty understanding and accessing the school curriculum?  Are lack of social skills holding your child back from making friends and truly enjoying the unique experience of learning in a foreign country?

Whether you have concerns about stuttering, articulation, language processing, social skills, or any of the wide range of communicative interferences which can impact our children, we can get to the heart of the problem using a variety of assessment tools and, after a complete evaluation, determine the specific plan of care which will help your child overcome the barriers to his or her success.   Parents often ask what are Executive Function skills.  During their school aged years children's executive functioning skills involve problem solving skills, task completion, critical analysis, attention, and memory.   The first step in addressing Executive Function skills is using standardized testing to assess your child's methods of learning (visual, verbal, and kinesthetic). This gives us important information on how your child can best access therapy services and the scholastic curriculum. With that information in mind we can perform other assessments which can help us determine the specific area and point of skill breakdown so we can build those skills with the least frustration and the greatest success

When providing therapy pertaining to educational needs, stabilization and generalization are keys to success. We need to work to stabilize skills, which means to ensure that they are being consistently used. Following stabilization, we need to generalize skills, which means ensuring that they are being used in all areas of your child's life. It doesn't do any good if your child only shows increased skills during therapy sessions; we need to ensure those skills are exhibited in every classroom and activity of daily living.  To this end we can develop a complete plan of care including liaising with your child's school to ensure that the skills we work on are directly applicable to their curriculum.   Whether in English, Science or Math, we can help guide your child towards using cognition and reasoning to achieve success in the scholastic, social and home settings.

Using fun, engaging methods, we'll create positive and lasting change in your child's scholastic endeavors!

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