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A medical emergency resulting in speech and language disorders can happen at any time. Strokes, traumatic brain injuries, dementia, Alzheimer's disease, and other acquired neurological disorders often result in loss of speech, language and executive function skills. Aphasia, apraxia and memory deficits are common co-morbidities. Quick, accurate diagnosis and treatment is essential in the race to recover or maintain skills.

With over 5 years of experience as Program Director of Saline Head Injury Services, a semi-independent residential facility providing services to persons with acquired neurological disorders, Global Allied Health's lead Speech Language Pathologist has extensive experience in coordination of care and proactive, cutting edge treatment modalities.

Direct treatment sessions are designed to provide focused, intense interventions specific to the skill deficits with which your loved one presents. Driven by comprehensive evaluation, needs are identified by first determining the most acute aspects of the disorder. Following this identification procedure, your family takes the lead in the team by helping the therapists understand which of the goals are most important to you. Finally, we will offer a variety of possible intervention paradigms and the team will work together to decide the best course of action based on your family's preferences and current best practices in Speech Language Pathology.

Your therapist may be an expert in speech and language, but the experts on your loved one are you and your family. When developing a treatment protocol the team is led by the family and the therapist is there to guide the team in the most effective ways to meet their desired goals. Families can think of their therapist as Google Maps; you tell us where you want to go and our job is to plan a route which will get us there efficiently and effectively. The best treatment takes into account your family's personal and cultural imperatives. In short, if it doesn't feel comfortable and natural to you and your family, it is not the right intervention strategy.

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