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A Few Of The Apps/Programs We've Written

Toddler Talk AAC screenshot
Toddler Talk AAC - iPad

With over 100 spaces for you to add the important words in your family's life, along with 23 of some of the most commonly used words by toddlers already built in, Toddler Talk AAC is designed to give you the power to decide what is important.

Diadochokinetics Assessment App screenshot
Diadochokinetics Assessment App - iPad

Diadochokinetics Assessment Tool allows you to quickly and easily calculate the diadochokinetic rate of your student, patient or client in just a few minutes. Simply tap away and the app handles counting, timing, and comparing to norms.

Chronological Age Calculator screenshot
Chronological Age Calculator

Currently in the Apple and Windows App Stores. This app calculates the chronological age of a child when given date of birth and date of examination, and generates the cutoff age equivalent considered a critical delay (qualifying criterion).

PGCITP Google Spreadsheet Productivity Tools screenshot
PGCITP Google Spreadsheet Productivity Tools

This is an Apps Script code running behind an associated Google spreadsheet automating several logistical aspects of working in Prince George's County Public Schools Infants and Toddlers Program. This project is released under the BSD 3-Clause License.

Stuttering Analysis App screenshot
Stuttering Analysis App - Windows

The Stuttering Analysis App is designed to combine several commonly used dysfluency measures into one easy to use app. Strongly influenced by the Real-Time Analysis of Speech Fluency (Yaruss, 1998), this application is designed to be used in real time while either interacting with the subject under test or analyzing video or audio recorded speech.

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